6 Signs It’s Time to Take a Break from the Gym

Too tired to get through your workout? Find out how to tell if it’s time to take a rest day.

To see results and continue to make progress against your exercise goals, most experts recommend keeping a consistent exercise schedule.

But sometimes, your body just needs to rest. While you don’t want to take too many days off in a row, a day or two of rest can help your body recover, so you can get back to work with renewed energy.

These six signs could tell you that it’s time to take a short break from the gym.

  1. You feel nauseous after you warm up, before you get into your routine.
  2. You’ve stopped seeing progress, and your regular routine seems more strenuous than normal.
  3. You’re exhausted and aren’t getting enough sleep.
  4. You hated every minute of your last workout.
  5. Minor aches have turned into more serious pain.
  6. You’re more stressed out than usual, and your workout isn’t helping you unwind.
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