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How to Get Over Your Fear of the Weight Room

Strength training can play a key role in getting healthy. It can help you lose weight, avoid injury and boost your metabolism. But many people avoid the weight room because of these common fears. Here’s how to conquer those worries and incorporate weights into your routine for a stronger, healthier you.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new strength training program.

1. You’re afraid you’ll bulk up

Building serious muscle takes a dedicated combination of consistent heavy training, diet and other exercises. Lifting moderate weights a few times a week is more likely to help you tone up, burn calories and get generally stronger.

2. You don't have a plan

Consult with a trainer or other staff at your gym. A pro can help you design a set of exercises that will work for you, and show you how to do them properly.

3. You're self-conscious

Chances are, everyone in the weight room is more concerned with watching what they’re doing than judging you. It’s normal to feel self-conscious when starting any activity, but don’t let that hold you back from trying something new.

4. You're afraid you'll hurt yourself

Start with lighter weights, and work up to heavier ones once you’ve built up your stamina and are more confident in your form. Many gyms offer introductory courses that show you how to use their equipment. Never be afraid to ask for pointers or help from gym staff. They’re there to help.