Cold Weather Snacks: 7 Under 80 Calories

Craving something sweet? These 7 snacks are perfect for winter, and are all less than 80 calories.

Craving a sweet treat this season, but don’t want to pile on the calories? These seven snacks are all under 80 calories, and can satisfy your sweet tooth on a cold winter's day.

  1. Two iced gingerbread cookies
  2. One teaspoon of chocolate hazelnut spread sandwiched between two chocolate pizzelles
  3. One shortbread thumbprint cookie
  4. One-half teaspoon of lemon curd spread on two Swedish-style gingersnaps
  5. Two one-inch French macarons
  6. Two chocolate raspberry wafer rolls
  7. Six ounces of steamed skim milk with a half teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon

Gingerbread cookies on a wooden table

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