How to Stock Your Fridge Like a Pro

When good food is within reach, eating healthy can be easy. Find out what nutritionists and dieticians keep in their refrigerators.

Eating healthier is easier when nutritious foods are within your reach. So what do the experts recommend keeping in your fridge at all times? Find out what to add to your grocery list ASAP.

  • Broccoli: This go-to side offers a lot of nutrients with little calories
  • Organic Berries: Loaded with antioxidants
  • Natural peanut butter: An amazing source of healthy protein
  • Eggs: High-quality protein that’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Salsa: A healthy and filling condiment that adds spice to any dish
  • Plain Greek yogurt: A great source of probiotics and protein
  • Spinach: A super versatile superfood
  • Hummus: Try as an alternative to cream cheese, mayo and butter
  • Avocado: Powerful, rich, satisfying and healthy
  • Hot sauce: Liven up bland food with next to no calories – it can also rev up your metabolism
  • Lemons and limes: Add to your water for a zest of flavor
Bowl of whole lemons

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