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Don’t Let Good Food Go Bad

The benefits of eating healthy, unprocessed foods are plentiful. One downside? They spoil faster. So how do you make the most of your healthy foods? Check out these tips to ensure your healthy foods last longer.

Freeze your green juices

If your juice’s expiration date is nearing, simply put the bottle in the freezer to give yourself some more time. Just keep in mind that liquids expand when they freeze so either open the bottle a crack or take a small swig to give the juice some extra room.

Store wheat flour in the fridge

The wheat germ in wheat flour contains high levels of oil, which can go bad if left at room temperature. So instead, keep your wheat flour in an airtight container in the fridge. You’ll know if it’s turned if it smells bitter.

Wait on washing the berries

Moisture encourages berries to spoil. So don’t rinse them off until right before you’re going to eat them.

Lemon-ize your avocado

To prevent cut avocados from turning brown, cover the cut flesh with a thin layer of lemon juice, then a sheet of plastic wrap, and then toss in the fridge. Helps keeps guacamole fresh too.

Toss a paper towel in with the lettuce

A paper towel will absorb any moisture that forms while your greens are in the fridge, preventing them from wilting.

Keep root veggies tucked away

Heat and light can encourage onions and potatoes to sprout. Keep them in a cloth or paper bag, which allows for more airflow but keeps the light out.