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How You Can Stay Motivated

Setting goals is easy, but following through can be challenging. However, it’s still important to set goals because it keeps us motivated to better ourselves. It’s especially important when it comes to our health. Good health improves your quality of life and helps you feel better.

Yet, health goals can be some of the hardest goals to see through. Why? Health doesn’t change overnight—you might not immediately see changes. But with some dedication, you can reach your health goals. A great way to stay motivated is to have support.

It can be a friend, family member or partner sharing the same goals. It can also be the Online Health Coach, or OHC. The OHC helps you track progress on your health goals and offers realistic suggestions to help you stay motivated. Plus, members can earn $40 for each eligible goal they complete, up to three—that’s $120 in total. Eligible goals include:

● Reducing stress
● Exercising more
● Eating better
● Losing weight
● Feeling happier

You can also get support managing chronic conditions, like:

● Hypertension
● Coronary artery disease (CAD)
● Heart failure
● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
● Asthma

To get started, you’ll first need to complete the Blue Health Assessment. It asks you a series of questions about your lifestyle and medical factors. Then, it’ll instantly provide you with a personalized wellness report on your health and potential areas where you can improve. You’ll also receive $50 on your MyBlue® Wellness Card for completing it. You can then use these funds for qualified medical expenses, such as doctor's office copays, prescriptions and glasses.

Then you can set your goals in the OHC and update your progress along the way. When you complete your goals, your rewards dollars are loaded onto your MyBlue Wellness Card. The best part is, every year you can earn rewards for up to three eligible OHC goals.

Together, the Blue Health Assessment and Online Health Coach make up our Wellness Incentive Program that rewards you for taking charge of your health. To learn more, visit our Online Health Coach page.

*You must be the contract holder or spouse, 18 or older, and on a Standard or Basic Option plan to earn this incentive reward.

Published on: October 13, 2022