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Get a Read On Your Health with the Blue Health Assessment

Our health is a complex picture. If you feel overwhelmed by it, you’re not alone. It seems like every day we’re learning more and more about it. Eat more of this, do less of that.

But it’s always important to stay on top of what’s recommended. Because all those healthy choices help you feel good. So, what can you do to improve your health?

That’s where the Blue Health Assessment, or BHA, comes in. It’s the first step of our Wellness Incentive Program that rewards Basic and Standard Option members for taking charge of their health. FEP Blue Focus members are welcome to take the BHA to receive a personalized action plan but are not eligible to earn rewards.

The BHA asks you a series of questions about your lifestyle and medical factors. Then, it’ll instantly provide you with a personalized wellness report on your health and potential areas where you can improve. You’ll earn $50 the first time you complete the BHA in each calendar year and you’ll receive an action plan so you know exactly what to do next. 

Think of it as your personal health assistant. The BHA takes about ten minutes to complete, meaning you can take it whenever you want. Plus, it’s available on the fepblue app, so you can take it wherever, too. Not to mention, all of your answers are private and secure.

First, you’ll need to sign up for MyBlue®. It’s completely free, and you’ll get access to tons of helpful tools and resources.

Then, complete your BHA and you’ll automatically receive $50 on your MyBlue Wellness Card. You can use these funds toward qualified medical expenses, like copayments and prescriptions.

Want to learn more? Curious about how you can improve your health? Head over to our Blue Health Assessment page to get started.

*You must be the contract holder or spouse, 18 or older, and on a Standard or Basic Option plan to earn this incentive reward.

Published on: October 13, 2022