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Finding the right plan for you

Finding the right plan for you

Your health is important. That can make choosing the right health plan feel challenging sometimes. Don’t worry, we’ll highlight some key differences between our plans so you make the best decision.


What you get with each plan

For more than 60 years, federal employees, retirees and their families have chosen the Service Benefit Plan for their coverage. Know that no matter what plan you choose, you’re getting quality coverage that gives you peace of mind, including:

● A nationwide network with over 96% of hospitals, 95% of doctors and 57,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S.

● Free preventive care, like your annual physical, flu shots, nutritional counseling and cancer screenings

● Overseas coverage that’s there for you all over the world

● Wellness incentives that reward you for taking charge of your health

● You never need a referral to see a specialist


What you get with FEP Blue Focus

You shouldn’t have to break the bank for quality coverage. FEP Blue Focus is designed for your needs and budget with benefits like:

● In-network care only

● Your first 10 primary care and specialist visits cost just $10 each

● Preferred Drug coverage only

● A reward for getting your annual physical

● Three levels of benefits: core, non-core and wrap


What you get with Basic Option

Basic Option gives you quality in-network coverage that you can count on with benefits like:

● In-network care only

● No deductible or expenditure amount you must reach before we pay our share

● Preferred Drug coverage only

● Reimbursement for your Medicare Part B premiums

● Access to the Mail Service Pharmacy Program with Medicare Part B


What you get with Standard Option

Standard Option gives you the freedom to get the care you want. That includes:

● Both in- and out-of-network care

● Preferred and Non-preferred drug coverage

● Access to the Mail Service Pharmacy Program


These are just some of the differences between each of our plans. You can click here to see a more in-depth breakdown of each of our plans, plus download the Benefit Summary Book. If you need help choosing a plan, try using the AskBlue℠ FEP Medical Plan Finder. All you need to do is answer some questions about what you’re looking for and it can automatically recommend a plan for you.

Published on: November 11, 2021