Congratulations to DC Metro’s 2016 FEEA Scholarship Winners

We’re proud to honor this group of exceptional students.

Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) scholarships are awarded to well-rounded students who are federal employees, or the spouse or child of a civilian federal employee.

Of the 220 students who applied in the DC Metro region, we’re proud to honor the 19 who received awards, including the two Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan winners. They had the highest academic achievements, most consistent and committed community service, and were the most inspiring.

This year’s winners are:
  • Jason Brito
  • Craig Doody
  • Julia Doody
  • Jefferson Griscavage
  • Linjiang Han
  • Brittany Hinkle
  • James Iocozzia
  • Nataki MacMurray
  • Samantha Mehring
  • Emily Morin
  • Michael Metler
  • Mary Sprague
  • Mara Techam
  • Lillian Waller
  • Amanda Wilcox
  • Nicolette Wolfrey
  • Richard Yarrow

To apply, students sent transcripts, letters of recommendation, information about extracurricular and community service activities--as well as an essay on a government-related topic chosen by FEEA. Their applications were evaluated by FEEA’s all-volunteer scholarship committees, which identified these exceptional students who are making a positive impact in their community and the world at large.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan was happy to have hosted the award recipients this year at the FEEA Scholarship Awards Ceremony, which took place in our offices on August 5, and to support this important program annually with a $100,000 sponsorship.

Our sincere congratulations again to all of the remarkable student winners!

Front row, left to right: Jefferson Griscavage, David Schumann (Linjiang Han's step-father), Craig Doody, Nataki MacMurray, Samantha Mehring, Jason Brito, Jane Limprecht (Lillian Waller's mother). Back row, left to right: Fred Plumb, Richard Yarrow, Danita Andrews, Anne Morin (Emily Morin's mother), Bill Breskin

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