Looking Forward To 2013

Every year we try to provide a benefit package that meets the needs of our members but is also affordable and comprehensive. For 2013, we are continuing to offer great benefits without a significant increase in rates.

2013 Premiums – Your Share
 Non-Postal PremiumPostal Premium Biweekly
Type of EnrollmentBiweeklyMonthlyCategory 1Category 2
Standard Option Self Only (104)$85.91$186.14$64.71$70.01
Standard Option Family (105)$200.14$433.63$152.92$164.73
Basic Option Self Only (111)$59.07$127.99$38.99$44.31
Basic Option Family (112)$138.32$299.70$91.29$103.74

The 2013 benefit changes are listed in Section 2 of the 2013 Service Benefit Plan brochure.

In addition to health benefits, the Service Benefit Plan brings added value to your family’s health and wellness through:

  • MyBlue® Wellness Incentive
    You can earn rewards for managing your health. Just take the Blue Health Assessment at in 2013 and earn a $35 debit card to use for qualified medical expenses. Under a family enrollment, you earn two $35 cards when two adult members complete the Blue Health Assessment. You can also earn up to $15 more on your debit card by completing three online coaching sessions.
  • Blue Health Connection
    Blue Health Connection is personalized service from people who care about you. Our Blue Health Connection registered nurses listen to your health concerns and issues any time day or night. Need someone to talk to in the middle of the night about your child’s fever? Our nurses are just a phone call away and the number is on the back of your ID card. If you prefer to talk to a nurse via email or have an online chat with a nurse in real time, you can do that too at .
  • Preventive Care
    Preventive care is important at any age for maintaining your health. We provide well child care benefits from the moment your child is born until they turn 22. We also pay for preventive care for all adults over age 22 covered under your enrollment. You pay nothing for preventive care for everyone in your family when you use Preferred providers. This includes annual physicals, immunizations and cancer screenings.

We hope you will learn more about these value added benefits as well as the 2013 benefit changes by going to

November 2012.  Paula Spurway, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.  Resource: 2013 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan brochure.


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