It's Easy to Go Green

Going green helps to protect and save the environment.  With the Service Benefit Plan, you can go green by choosing paperless Explanation of Benefits forms (EOBs) and by using Preferred providers.

Paperless EOBs
We know you like to look at EOBs to find out what we paid and what you owe for your medical care.  You can go green, reduce the amount of paper at home and still get the same information by deciding to receive your EOBs online though MyBlue Customer eService.

It is easy to opt-in to paperless EOBs.  First, sign on to MyBlue. On the MyBlue Welcome page, select Go Green: Opt out of paper EOBs under My Benefits.  This link takes you to MyBlue Customer eService where you select the menu option “EOB Mailing Preference.”  Once you opt out of paper EOBs, you will get an email when a new EOB has been posted for you to view.  The online EOB looks just like the paper version and if you wish, you can print a copy.

Go Paperless

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Using Preferred Providers
You probably know that when you use Preferred providers, your out-of-pocket expenses are lower and the provider is responsible for submitting the claim for your medical expenses.  However, you may not know that many of our Preferred providers no longer submit paper claims; instead, they submit claims electronically to the local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.

When you use Non-preferred physicians, hospitals, and other health professionals, you pay more out-of-pocket and you are responsible for submitting a paper claim for covered expenses.  So, by using Preferred providers, you not only save money but also help to save the environment by going green.

Using Preferred retail pharmacies also helps you go green.  When you use Preferred pharmacies, there is no paperwork or claim.  Simply present your Service Benefit Plan ID card at the pharmacy to get your prescription filled or refilled.  Basic Option benefits are not available for prescriptions purchased at Non-preferred retail pharmacies.

Deciding to choose paperless EOBs and using Preferred providers are easy steps you can take to start going green.  You still get the information you need about your claims and you can also save money while having a positive impact on our environment.

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Page last updated: March 11, 2013

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