You Can Create A Healthy Lifestyle

Two key elements of a healthy lifestyle are getting the preventive care you need and starting or maintaining an exercise program that fits into your life.

The Value of Preventive Care
Preventive care is important at any age to help identify any health concerns and to give you peace of mind about your health. Early detection of health concerns or problems will allow treatment to begin sooner which may decrease the severity of complications.

We Have You Covered: Under both Standard and Basic Option, you pay nothing for an annual physical and the tests and services usually performed as part of the exam when you use a Preferred provider. You can also count on your Service Benefit Plan to pay for cancer screenings in full when you use a Preferred provider, including colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer and mammograms to screen for breast cancer. The final piece of maintaining your health is immunizations, although most of us think of immunizations as just for children. You pay nothing for shingles vaccines, flu shots, meningococcal vaccines and tetanus-diphtheria boosters, and the related office visit, when you use a Preferred provider. For more information about benefits for preventive care, see Section 5(a) in the 2012 Service Benefit Plan brochure.

Healthy Options That Get You Moving
With Service Benefit Plan coverage, you have the power to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle and to take charge of your health.

WalkingWorks®: Want to add some exercise to your life? Walking is an easy way to tone your body, lose some weight and just become more physically active. All you need is a pair of sneakers and a walking plan. Our WalkingWorks Program gives you the start you need with encouragement and plans to include walking as part of your daily routine as well as help setting personal walking goals. We give you a pedometer and an online Participant Guide to help you get started. For more information, check out WalkingWorks.

New for 2012 – Health Club Memberships: Now you can get discounts on health club memberships just by being a Service Benefit Plan member. You pay a $25 initiation fee and $25 a month for unlimited visits to any of our 8,000 fitness facilities nationwide. You can pay via credit card, debit card or check. The discounts are available if you prepay for three, six or 12 months. For a list of participating facilities, click here.

February 2012. Written by Paula Spurway, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Resource: 2012 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan brochure.


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