What's New in 2014

Fepblue Redesign

Big Changes Coming to fepblue.org

At the end of the summer, we’ll be introducing a newly redesigned fepblue.org. As part of our commitment to provide top-quality service to our members, the new website will offer a simpler navigation, making it easier to find and use the services you need when you need them. Improvements to MyBlue will help you better access your account and use important health care tools and resources from our Online Health Coach to the Personal Health Record.

Incentive Programs

Blue Wellness

Incentives for You!

Take charge of your healthcare decisions and the health of your family with the Wellness Incentive Program . By participating, you can earn rewards on the MyBlue Wellness Card—a debit card that can be applied towards qualified medical expenses.

Weekly Articles

Woman hold Fruits

Have You Hugged a Farmer Lately?

Posted: 7/17/2014

You don’t need to be – or hug – a farmer in order to experience fresh-from-the-farm produce. More and more people are turning to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where they buy shares in the farm and receive a portion of the bounty.  Read More

Sun Protection

What’s Your Sun Safety IQ?

Posted: 7/17/2014

True or false: SPF 30 offers twice as much protection as SPF 15. According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, only 21% of respondents knew the correct answer (false). Turns out, the number on the SPF bottle refers to how long you can stay out in the sun without getting a sunburn.  Read More

FEP Blue News

Are You Missing Out on Rewards?

Have you been taking advantage of your wellness incentives? Remember, you’re eligible for several rewards right now through your Wellness Incentive Program.

Quit with Blue on World No Tobacco Day

We encourage all tobacco users to set a quit date on World No Tobacco Day, Saturday, May 31. Quitting smoking is tough, but did you know that there are more former smokers than current smokers in the United States?

Put Me In, Coach!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a guiding hand to show you the way toward living your best life? Your wish is our command: Your Online Health Coach can help you with whatever health goal you may have.

Find savings with your Benefits Statements

We’ve all heard the usual advice to cut costs—skip your daily latté, cancel cable, take lunch to work. Saving money isn’t always that simple, and healthcare costs often get left out of the equation. Your Benefits Statements are available to help you get a handle on your healthcare spending.

How Healthy Are You?

When it comes to your health, you strive to do things right. From eating right to exercising regularly,you make choices every day that add up to a healthier you.

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