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Update your Customer eService Other Health Insurance information online by registering or logging in to MyBlue.

Your Service Benefit Plan (SBP) has a Coordination of Benefits provision, which requires BlueCross and BlueShield to coordinate with other health insurance providers for you and your family members. When you have double coverage, the primary coverage normally pays its benefits in full and the other Plan pays a reduced benefit as the secondary payer, not to exceed your health Plan’s allowance or covered charges. (For more information on the provision please reference section 9, Coordinating Benefits with Other Coverage, in your BlueCross and BlueShield Benefit Plan brochure (RI-71-005).

As part of our records review process, we need the policyholder to tell us if they, or any covered family member(s), have coverage under another group health plan. Please update this information online, even if you or your family members do not have other coverage. This information will allow us to quickly and correctly coordinate benefits on any future claims and will help reduce delays in processing. Updating the Customer eService Other Health Insurance information can be completed online by registering or logging in to MyBlue and then selecting the “Update my enrollment information” link in the My Benefits section.

If this is your first time to MyBlue, you must register and create a new username and password to gain all the benefits of MyBlue ID. Other Partners (this includes previously established MyBlue Customer eService, Caremark and Blue Health Connection accounts) usernames and passwords will not work in the MyBlue portal.

If you need additional information about MyBlue or the steps to register for an account please visit: . To get started now, select the “Register Now” or the “Sign in with MyBlue ID” button below to update your Customer eService Other Health Insurance information online.


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Page last updated: December 31, 2012

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