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Blue Health Assessment is a quick and easy online health evaluation program. Now when you complete your Blue Health Assessment, you will receive a $35 health debit card to use for qualified medical expenses, with an optional $15 credit opportunity. Your Blue Health Assessment answers are evaluated to create a unique health action plan. You can also participate in online health programs that can help you reach your health goals. Some of the latest interactive online coaching sessions that are available include: 

  • Move™ for Physical Activity
  • Care™ for Your Health
  • Care™ for Pain
  • Care™ for Diabetes
  • Overcoming™ Insomnia
  • Overcoming™ Binge Eating
  • Balance™ for Weight Management
  • Breathe™ for Smoking Cessation
  • Relax™ for Stress Management
  • Nourish™ for Nutrition
  • Overcoming™ for Depression
  • Care™ for Back Care

To take the Blue Health Assessment, you must first create a MyBlue account:

  1. Go to MyBlue Portal
  2. On the MyBlue ID login page, click on the orange link in the center of the page called Set up your MyBlue ID.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Get going with MyBlue member registration page by completing all the fields on the registration form. You must also certify that your information is correct, agree to the Terms of Service and verify that you have read and understand our privacy policy. Then click on the orange Submit link at the bottom of the form.
  4. You will then be taken back to the MyBlue Portal where you can log in using your new MyBlue ID and password.

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Page last updated: May 13, 2013

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