Standard Option

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Receiving care is easy when you choose a Preferred provider from our network of nearly 1 million hospitals, physicians, dentists, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Standard Option is designed to provide you and your family with flexible and convenient healthcare coverage.

Flexible Options

While your out-of-pocket expenses are lower when you receive care from a Preferred provider, Standard Option provides the flexibility to also receive care outside the network. Use any provider at any time — without a referral. Your benefits include coverage for medical care, preventive services, maternity, and prescription drugs as well as routine dental care.

Mail Service Prescription Program

Fill your prescriptions at your local pharmacy or have them delivered through the mail. Standard Option features a convenient mail service prescription drug program that is not available under Basic Option. Receive drugs that you take long-term — up to 90 days at a time — in the mail at an affordable price.

The Preferred Advantage

When you choose a Preferred provider, there are no claims to file — the provider takes care of it for you. On limited occasions, such as for certain drugs requiring prior approval, you may need to file a claim for services received from Preferred providers.

Page last updated: January 07, 2014

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