Incentives For You

Wellness Incentive Program 1213

Take charge of your healthcare decisions and the health of your family with the Wellness Incentive Program. By participating, you can earn rewards on the MyBlue Wellness Card—a debit card that can be applied towards qualified medical expenses.  

Blue Health Assessment


What you don’t know can hurt you. Take the redesigned Blue Health Assessment (BHA) to address health risks before they become issues. Answer simple questions and in just 10 minutes receive a simple action plan to a healthier you. You can even take the BHA multiple times throughout the year to update your plan and see your progress. Earn $40 for completing the BHA in 2014!

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Online Health Coach


It’s your own private cheering section! When you work with the all-new Online Health Coach on your path to better health, you’ll get suggestions for realistic, personalized lifestyle goals to stay on track. Start by taking the BHA, then earn rewards—up to $35—when you achieve up to three Online Health Coach goals related to exercise, stress management, emotional health, weight management and nutrition.

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Tobacco Cessation Incentive Program


If you use tobacco products, you may qualify for an additional benefit that waives your individual cost share for certain prescription drugs and over-the-counter tobacco cessation medications when you use a Preferred pharmacy.

By completing the Blue Health Assessment, indicating you use tobacco in the Blue Health Assessment and setting up a Quit Plan in the Online Health Coach, you will earn your additional tobacco cessation benefits.
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Generic Drug Program


You pay lower coinsurance and/or copayment amounts for generic drugs than you do for brand-name drugs under both Standard Option and Basic Option.

If you have Standard Option and you use a Preferred retail pharmacy or the Mail Service Pharmacy program you may be able to save even more with the Standard Option Generic Incentive Program . Under this program, we will waive the coinsurance or copayment amount for the first four prescription fills when you switch from certain brand name drugs to specific generic drugs. The average savings under the Generic Incentive Program is $30 to $60 per prescription fill or refill.

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Health Club Membership


We have a variety of programs and tools to help you manage your health and budget. As part of our health club membership initiative, a $25 initiation fee and $25 monthly payment grants you unlimited visits to over 8,000 fitness facilities nationwide. Other tools will get you moving and help you make better healthcare choices.

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Diabetes Management Incentive Program


The first step to wellness is to take a more active role in your healthcare decisions and the health of your family. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan has designed a wellness program that aims to help members better manage their diabetes healthcare decisions through identification, prevention and early detection of complications through education and support.

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