Diabetes Management Incentive Program

Take The First Step

The first step to wellness is to take a more active role in your healthcare decisions and the health of your family. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan has designed a wellness program that aims to help members better manage their diabetes healthcare decisions through identification, prevention and early detection of complications through education and support.   

Qualifying Standard Option and Basic Option members can participate in the diabetes wellness program and earn up to an additional $75 on the MyBlue® Wellness Card to be used for qualified medical expenses -- all for simply taking charge of your health.

Participating in the Diabetes Management Incentive Program and earning an additional $75 is simple


Complete the Blue Health Assessment and indicate you are a diabetic


Participate in the diabetic wellness and prevention activities listed below and earn up to $75 for most combinations:

  • A1c tests performed by a covered provider, maximum of two per year, $10 each.
  • Reporting A1c levels, maximum of two per year, $5 each.
  • Purchasing diabetic glucose strips through our Retail or Mail Service Pharmacy, maximum of 4 per year, $10 each.
  • Diabetic foot exam from a covered provider, maximum of one per year, $10.

One of the following activities:

  • $20 for enrolling in a diabetic disease management program, one per year.
  • $20 for a diabetic visit to a covered provider, one per year.
  • $5 each for completing web based diabetes education programs on our website, up to four per year.

It is important to learn as much as you can about your diabetes wellness care and Blue Cross Blue Shield can help. 

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Page last updated: December 18, 2013

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