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Basic Option is designed to provide you and your family with convenient and affordable healthcare coverage. Choose from an extensive network of Preferred providers for all of your medical needs to receive benefits.

Affordable coverage

Under Basic Option, you are required to use Preferred providers for all of your medical care. Your benefits include coverage for medical services, preventive care, maternity,  and prescription drug benefits as well as preventive dental services. Basic Option does not provide benefits for care administered by a Non-preferred provider except in certain situations, such as emergency care.

No deductibles and low-cost, comprehensive copayments

There is no calendar year deductible under Basic Option. Pay just $25 for each office visit to a Preferred primary care provider or a $35 copayment when you see a Preferred specialist.

An extensive network of care

Our network of Preferred providers includes nearly 1 million hospitals, physicians, dentists, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Use the Provider Directory to locate Preferred providers in your area.

Page last updated: December 17, 2013

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